My thoughts about taking part in a beauty pageant

My thoughts about taking part in a beauty pageant

First and foremost I would like to say I have no negative feelings about taking part in the beauty pageant.

Some of you know where I participated and that’s great .It’s a very personal experience and other people would experience it otherwise.This text isn’t publicity nor is it a criticism.

 So where to start.

Taking part in a beauty pageant needs courage. This all starts when appearing to the casting and perhaps telling the people around you about it.Once you enter it, you will see the other girls or perhaps boys, let’s just call them the other competitors. Now it is important to never compare yourself to them. They will have strengths and weaknesses just like you.

Then, be cautious, this will not surprise you, if it is only girls. Yes, there will be drama, and people talking bad about people’s back. Here; get away from it. Befriend yourself with these people who resonate the most with you.

A positive aspect is, you will get to know photographers and get into shootings and some events where you get to know people, brands, and CEO.

Often there you will get a dress code but by the individual. Spice it up as you like it and express yourself. 

Some people will say the beauty pageant is hollow even shallow and superficial. Honestly, I still can’t fully decline this. My surrounding did ask me why I would enter it as I try to be reflective and wholesome. Even though you might experience the pageant that way and people would make fun of you, stand your ground.

I will take this into my pro’s standing in for yourself is another thing you will get to know while entering such a competition.

In a beauty pageant, it isn’t about your character, it isn’t about you. But about comparing you to others. So Really it’s a race and trust me when I say, it will not make you feel good about yourself.

Still, this beauty pageant opened up opportunities,  for instance, I got an article in the Bauern Zeitung

But my career as a model really started afterward.

I didn’t even make it to the top 16. First yes I was a bit sad. But today I feel like a relief. I don’t want to be known as, Wendy the Model who took part in a beauty pageant. But Wendy, the Model who took up the courage, tried new things, and build her own empire by herself.

So here is my conclusion:

If you have thick skin and nothing can let you down, you are curious then yes totally apply.

If you feel squeezy about it and it doesn’t feel right, try something else. Always feel good about yourself. Do things you love.

Try shooting with a friend and just your phone and when you feel good, invest in a shooting with a photographer.

And then you can start to build up your portfolio.

If you have any questions whatsoever let me know.


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