Let’s talk about Sex

All the basis I am writing about are not scientific and only up to my Ideas and experiences.

Sex sells as we say and I wasn’t surprised as most people on Instagram voted to read about this topic. It is so mysterious and also such a taboo nowadays. But why is that so? Merely everyone from a particular age “do” it. There are different fetishes, some do it for fun and others for love. Having it with someone which you love is something very beautiful. You can feel the other person and feel vulnerable and in the best circumstance feel safe…Sex belongs to humans like an instinct. Because deep inside we all still are “wild animals”.

There is a question which asks, are we even made for having one partner?

If you look at biology probably not. Sexuality is here to “propagate”.It also says you attract these people which are less similar to you for you to have the best match…

And here a question? Why is it so, that being a woman with multiple partners is bad, whilst an “experienced” man is sexy?!

Talking about Sex I believe it is also important to talk about contraception. There are different methods, and no I won’t give you a gynecologist lesson, but; Think about it twice, educate yourself, do you really want to take these hormones every month if a woman is only fertile for three (!) days within her cycle?

Why is it, that the pill is the solution for everything as in (anti-acne, cramps, and so on for women)?

I believe society should open up about that subject and speak openly about sex and any questions which come with it. 

And then, after all, talk to your partners! Find out what you like and engage in conversation!

Make Love, not War!



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